Pathological Perfection

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"Pathology" is pretty good for American low-budget production, I would even say that it is a good film. Fortunately, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, when writing the script, did not make him like an "unforgettable production", which was "Crank", otherwise there would be nothing to watch. Ted Gray (Milo Ventimiglia) is a promising forensic student. During the internship he meets a group of pathologists who create a closed environment and do not accept new ones. However, Dr. Jake Gallo (Michael Weston) introduces him into their mysterious life one night. It turns out that they are playing a game whose goal is to commit an unnoticeable murder in the most sophisticated way possible. Their victims are dying patients, degenerates, and the homeless. Then they meet in the basement of the hospital and try to find the cause of death by performing an autopsy. Ted gets caught up in this murderous game and in a fiery romance with Juliette Bath (Lauren Lee Smith). His ordered life and planned wedding with Gwen Williamson (Alyssa Milano) suddenly become extremely distant. The plot of the film is interesting and innovative, I do not remember anything similar, so it is one of the strongest assets of this production, but not the only one. It is a dark and extremely atmospheric picture. Director Marc Schölermann did a good job. This is best seen in comparison with the scenes taking place in the hospital and at Gwen's house: surrounded by pathologists, during the section, in the old underground we see everything in cold colors, while the scenes with the bride are full of warm, esoteric. Also, the close-up scenes of Ted from Juliette and then from Gwen are radically different. Here you can see the gap between the world of depraved, ruthless, eager trainees and the reality of hierarchical values, plans and ambitions. The first half of the movie is watched almost with bated breath and with a pleasant surprise. I have not seen such a good B-class production for a long time, which operates with macabre with such sensitivity. The other half is a bit weaker and stretched, but the strong finish leaves a good impression, preventing the feeling of hunger.
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As for acting, you can not have any objections, they all created characteristic, credible characters. I recommend this movie to everyone. Marc Schölermann worked on it sensitively, the effects of which can be seen. There are no gruesome scenes, so characteristic lately for low-budget horror films, and there is a great game with a climate and colors, so even these picky viewers will not be disappointed ...