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Here are my while it was challenging for me to choose just a couple Spots for a visit to East Java! From nature reserves and hills tocivilization and comfort, these are my picks for an East Java experience.

Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

The Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is the main This national park is named after its two mountains:Mount Semeru (the greatest in Java in 3,676 m) and Mount Bromo, the hottest.

Across the world for Mt. Bromo's view. From the cover of the mountain, you'll see
Mt. Semeru smoking in the distance as the sun rises quickly in the skies. Visit
in the month of Kasada (usually in September or November) and watch the
yearly Kasada festival in which the regional Tenggerese come to Bromo to throw
offerings of vegetables, cows, and money into the crater of this volcano!

While Mt. Bromo is the most famous mountain on the summit Because it frequently explodes semeru is just one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes and is closed. The gasses and lava make Semeru dangerous, so stay away from the vent! This mountain, also referred to as the Great Mountain, isregarded by Hindus as the most sacred mountain in all of Java.

In addition to Mt. Bromo and Semeru, there are many additional Things you may see in the park. Go through the TenggerCaldera, with head to the south of this playground, where there's a rolling plateau dotted with small scenic lakes, or its 10 km sea of sand.

Ijen Crater Save

Less well known than the volcanic national park that is magnificent,The Ijen Crater, and ijen Plateau are equally striking. Ijen Plateau ishighly advised to hikers and mountain fans, and of hiking the plateau after 90 minutes, you will find that the Ijen Crater.

Ijen Crater's stunning aqua blue water steams and bubblesSurrounded by sulfur crystal residue. In which the sulfur self-ignites to make an eerie blue flame head up before sunrise to see the Blue Fire!

Visiting the crater is a Terrific opportunity to learnMore about the conditions of sulfur work in East Java. When the clouds roll sulfur collectors hike up in the morning and return around 1 minute. They take shoulder baskets of pure sulfur from a quarry on the edgebelow their walls of the crater's shadow. The minerals are purer, encouraging this industrial manipulation despite the back-breaking and dangerous labour involved.

Baluran National Park Save

On the lookout for wildlife rather than volcanos? East Java has youcovered. Take a trip to the Baluran National Park, a forest preservation region home to peacocks, deer, wild pigs, wild chickens, monkeys and much more! This park is very good for diving, safaris and snorkeling, hiking, kayaking,and lazing around.

15 km from the entrance you'll find that the Bama Beach, white sand shore. Here you will discover a coral reef, tropical fish, plus mangroves. The shore at sunrise is incredible. Wild boars arrive in the morning after sunrise!

Malang Save

Even the most adventurous travelers Require a place to unwind And a town to research. My selections are Batu and Malang. Malang was the seat ofpower in Java's Hindu past and also the Dutch took a liking at the colonial period to its relatively cool climate.

Take a stroll around Malang's streets, that will be Famous for its architecture, or learn more about the Singosari temples. These temples were built between 1292AD and 1222 and are mainly devoted to the kings of their Singosari dynasty. At the city centre, a first stop isIjen Boulevard. This is a road lined with treesagainst a backdrop of old colonial structures.

A 30-minute driveway from Malang is Batu. Refreshing, this trendy Hill town was a retreat for the Dutch in colonial times but today serves haven for wealthy business people from Surabaya and Malang. The area is also a number of orchid nurseries and a major agricultural centre with apple orchards.

Mt. Bromo panorama Save

From sunrise to wild, to aqua blue sulfur craters Pigs playing in the shore, there are so many incredible things to see in EastJava. If you're looking for a bit of adventure, and Revel in hiking, culture,Diving, wildlife and waking up for the sunrise, I suggest you forget Bali andGet yourself! and you can also go to family trips to Batu City now!